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Bound&Gagged Videos

These videos and all graphic images on this page is in full compliance with the record keeping requirements of 18 U.S.C. section 2257. [link to exemption statement]

Years of production: 1995 to 2002

From the pages of Bound & Gagged Magazine and the mind of Bob Wingate come these bondage and S&M videos.

A Night at the Lure

Masters and Slaves 1


In part 1 of Masters and Slaves, Masters Jason Branch and Steve Ross meet and begin a relationship with mutual bondage and service.  Steve hands Jason his slave for a hot session.  Later on the two Masters work their slaveboys together (an alpha beta relationship in the brewing).
Masters and Slaves 2


Part 2 of the Masters and Slaves story finds in an ongoing relationship sharing their bed and slaves. When Jason and Steve leave town, Slaveboy Aaron  gets a bit cocky and takes on his own puppy for training.  When our Masters return they are not happy and handout the discipline. The video concludes with a night at the Lure.
Military Ties


Bondage Buddies: Military Ties is about two hot men in uniform, who switch off being top in a  military dungeon. Diego gets tied to cell bars and milked, chained in a standing position and loaded down with ball weights, is forced to give oral sex while suspended upside down, has wax dropped on him as he lies tied on the floating bondage board, and gets hogtied in a gas mask. Finally he is forced to cum.
Tag Punished


The sequel to Tag Tied, Tag Punished opens with Tag stripped cuffed and in a metal head sphere, while another slave looks on from a nearby cage.  Both Master Doug and his buddy Mario, work over Tag with flogging, hot wax, and ass work.  The slave is not neglected either.
Tag Tied


New to the dungeon Tag Adams finds he is a natural bottom for bondage, abuse and humiliation. found tied in a box with just his head exposed by Master Doug Jeffries, Tag is subjected to a variety of bondage situations and ass training.  He also provides service with both his holes to Doug's cock.

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