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Kick-Ass Cops

 If you like some of the scenarios in this video, you might find Stay out of the Fucking Fast Lane! from Bound Gods to be of interest.

updated: 01 Jan 2008

This video and all graphic images on this page is in full compliance with both the record keeping requirements of 18 U.S.C. section 2257. [link to exemption statement]

Year of production: Pre-1995

One of the first videos not based on scenarios from the Academy Training Center.
A tale of a cranky cop who abducts and torments a hitch-hiker and then finds himself the victim when the big brother of the hitch-hiker, and his buddy, take matters into their own hands.  A must have for Academy video fans.  
Contains rear nudity.

Video includes outtakes AND previews from Kick-Ass Cops 2: Bounty Hunters

Year of production: 1994   Released: 1995

Single DVD/tape; running time of main title approx. 75 min.
Outtakes and previews: 30 min.

The Video

His prisoner waits hogtied before being taken into the dungeon for confinement, heavy bondage and flogging

kac_02.jpg (10550 bytes)kac_06.jpg (5559 bytes)

Kac_15.jpg (17144 bytes)kac_22.jpg (19303 bytes)

Later on, after spending some time in a body bag

the hitch hiker escapes and tells all to his big brother who sets out with an even bigger buddy to extract some retribution.

Kac_30.jpg (15509 bytes)kac31.jpg (12418 bytes)
Kick-1.jpg (91342 bytes)

Along the way they teach little brother a lesson of their own.

kac_39.jpg (18321 bytes)kac_37.jpg (19411 bytes)

Kac_38.jpg (20648 bytes)


Scenes from
Kick-Ass Cops 2
 the Bounty Hunters

kac2tmn2.jpg (23395 bytes)

Quantity: Kick-Ass Cops @ $49.95

Media: DVD only

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