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 updated: 01 Apr 2015

Candid Reviews of our Videos

We will post reviews of the videos sent in by our customers.  If you would like to contribute a video review or comment on one,
please e-mail us at:

Nine Tenths of the Law chronicles 6 days of confinement, humiliation, abuse and servitude of a Marine who finds himself at the mercy of Gunner and Ross at the Academy Training Center.
From sailor_entropy (10-11-2010)

Nearly a decade ago, I discovered the Academy Men website and discovered a video that would be an obsession of mine, as far as seeking to obtain a copy of it. The film in question was "Nine-Tenths of the Law". The website's still pictures of the video, with it's potent glimpses of police uniform clad, glove wearing cops brutalizing a victim they had arrested filled me with a lustful desire to see the video. It would take several years for me to obtain a copy of the film on VHS and it remains my favorite Academy Men video.
The plot of "Nine-Tenths of the Law" is simple: Gunner and Cross (with their black leather gloves and long-sleeved black colored police uniforms) take a young Marine into custody at the county jail. The two cops gleefully abuse the poor Marine as they strip him and force him to model some of the bondage gear they find in his travel luggage. Stripped naked and restrained with handcuffs, the Marine is forced to endure the two Southern cops slapping him around and groping his naked body with their leather clad hands. After a medical examination, the Marine is tied into a restraint chair and further abused with a plastic bag placed over his head and the officers using their leather gloved hands covering his mouth and nose to suffocate him.
For the poor Marine however, things quickly go from bad to worse: Gunner decides to take the abuse to the next level, sexually assaulting the Marine twice (first anally and later forcing him to perform oral sex). The sex itself is simulated, via dry humping and use of camera angles to leave the actual "blow job" to the imagination of the viewer.
This is where the conflict of the film comes into play, as Cross stumbles upon Gunner's abuse and confronts his best friend. While Cross is more than willing to help his friend brutalize the poor souls who encounter these two rogue cops, rape remains a taboo that Cross refuses to cross. Freeing the Marine while Gunner is on patrol, the two square off in hand-to-hand combat at the climax of the film, as Cross restrains Gunner and locks him up in a jail cell.
"Nine-Tenths of the Law" remains one if not THE best videos of the entire Academy Men library. In particular, it stands out as Gunner's finest moment as the mustachioed police officer gives a tour de force performance as a cold and sadistic cop in complete and total control over his prey. The film also provides Gunner with one of his defining scenes: in his black colored uniform and leather gloves on, Gunner adds a pair of sunglasses and motorcycle cop helmet as he forces his victim to worship his boots. All the while, smoking a cigar and lording his power over the helplessly restrained prisoner.
Gunner isn't the only one to bring the sexy in this film; Cross delivers arguably his most sexually charismatic performance in his storied career with Academy Men in this video. The long sleeved, black colored police uniform (and full fingered gloves) gives him an aura of sex on the stick that were lacking in the other uniforms worn by Cross in previous videos. Also, Cross proves himself worthy of going toe-to-toe with Gunner in the abuse department, as Cross's performance as a top manages to, at times, upstage Gunner. And the fight scene at the end, with Cross overpowering Gunner, provides a uniform fetishist's wet dream of seeing two equally matched men in uniform going at it, man-to-man.
In conclusion, I highly recommend this film. A definite must own video by any true fan of Academy Men.

To Serve and Protect features a series of intense interrogations, car chases, escapes, and plenty of diverse locales and scenes; plenty of intensity and real police action.  This was the video that introduced Sarge who later went on to star in Top Cops, Top Cops - Rage and the Finishers.
From sailor_entropy (10-11-2010)

"To Serve and Protect" is a notable entry in the Academy Men catalog in that it is the film that introduced Academy Men fans to the fan favorite known only as Sarge. And in his first video for the company, Sarge makes a major impact as the the company begins it's transition from the days of Gunner/Mallory/Cross to the "Top Cop" era of Sarge/Hunter/Rigger.
The film itself is a hybrid of the story-centric films likes "Atlanta Knights" and "Final Justice" and the BDSM-themed films like "Kick-Ass Cops" and "Nine-Tenths of the Law". Leather gloves and short-sleeved police uniforms are on full display, along with duct-tape bondage and the type of trademark Academy Men domination that fans love.
The plot to the film is pretty straight-forward: a young patrol officer stumbles upon a trio of cops, led by Sarge, in hot pursuit of the man who murdered Sarge's brother (who is also a cop). Dragged into the crisis at hand, the young cop seeks to keep Sarge and his allies from becoming killers themselves, all the while learning the art of intimidation and brutality himself from one of Sarge's allies, who switches sides to aid the young cop.
Unlike the rather vanilla "Final Justice", "To Serve and Protect" is filled with the fetish-fuel visuals that makes Academy Men what it is. Gloved cops, gagged cops, duct taped bondage, and other scenes of restraint fill both discs of the DVD. The series has numerous set-pieces, such as the classic sequence when Sarge and his cohort duct tape the young rookie cop and the ally that said rookie cop convinces to step back from the edge, or said rookie cop's "coming out" party, as the rookie cop dons a pair of leather gloves and gives holy hell to a criminal in a gripping hotel room interrogation scene.
But the most notable scene in this film is the scene where the rookie (trading his uniform for black ops gear, complete with mask) gets his revenge on Sarge and inflicts severe duct tape bondage upon him in order to keep the vengeful cop neutralized. Sarge is rarely made to play the submissive, so this scene should appeal to those who want to see the force of nature that is Sarge tamed.
The DVD release of the film divides the film onto two discs. The second disc features, as bonus material, select scenes from the two Top Cops films that Sarge would do for Academy Men. Both films feature Sarge and gives you a good look at the man in action along with his partners in crime, Rigger and Hunter.
The DVD is worth picking up, as "To Serve And Protect" represents the company moving into it's second phase as the "Top Cop" era of the company began with a bang.

Kick-Ass Cops 1 is about a cop who kidnaps a hitch hiker and treats him to a bondage and SM afternoon in a dungeon.  After the hitch hiker escapes, he tells his big brother that he was raped by the cop.  Big brother and an even bigger buddy, abduct the cop and treat him to a session in his own dungeon.  When it turns out the hitch hiker lied, his brother and buddy teach him another lesson.
From Tim Brough (author of Sgt Vlengles' Revenge First Hand, Skin Tight, etc.)

Out on some remote road in Georgia, a muscular young hitch hiker bad mouths a cop. As we all know, this is something you should never do in the south. But in the case of "Kick Ass Cops," the consequences are worse than you would normally expect. Malloy, the cop, has lots of interests outside of general police work. "We're going for a little ride," he informs the hitching stud, tossing him handcuffed in the trunk before driving him back to a really well decked out dungeon.

Malloy - like so many men in the Academy Video Series - is a beefy, furry, muscular he-man of a crazy-cop. One of the hottest scenes in the earlier DVD occurs as the hogtied and hooded prisoner struggles, grunting while a naked Malloy looks down on him from inside a shower. Eventually the kid gets roughly stripped and strapped down to a bondage table for a brutal flogging and paddling. But Malloy does have a shift/patrol duty to keep, and that is when his prisoner escapes from an inflatable medi-stretcher to run for home.

Once he makes it to safety, little brother lies about his ordeal with the cop and adds an accusation of rape. Little brother has a pair of men ready to take action, even if they think little brother is a dip-shit. Gunner, an ex-Marine, talks musclestud Cross, a Navy Seal, into tracking down the cop and getting payback for the kidnapping and rape. They sneak into Malloy's house in the dead of night to subdue him in his bed before dragging him down to the basement for a taste of his own medicines.

"There's some weird shit in here, man," Cross snarls as Malloy gets tied down in the dungeon. Cross and Hunter punch, kick, strip and then torture Malloy in much the same way little brother was abused earlier. Then Cross and Gunner bring the kid in to confront his rapist, but even if he hadn't enough brains to know not to mouth off to a Southern Police Officer, he should have known not to lie to his Marine Brother. When it comes out that the man tied to the table didn't actually rape the young man (only kidnap and torture him), little brother finds himself in a whole new world of hurt.

"Kick Ass Cops" runs roughly and hour and twenty minutes. There is brief frontal and rear nudity, but no sex. The dungeon is exquisite, and the three leads are the kind muscular tops the late Chip Weichelt preferred for his movies.

Hot Military Guys Get Tied Up in the Woods: A Review of ‘Force Recon’ by MetalbondNYC

If you are into good rope work and hot military studs, you will want to get “Force Recon,” a film by Gary “Chip” Weichelt starring a bunch of handsome young men with nice bodies who find themselves in bondage peril. The cast includes Staff Sergeant Knight, Private Davis, Corporal Saddler and “Cutter.” There is an overly complicated plot involving military intelligence, a computer chip, double-crossing and men who may or may not be telling the truth. The whole matter gets a bit confusing. But what can be so wrong with a plot that causes lots of guys to get tied up and left to struggle?

There are plenty of hunky military men in camouflage fatigues and boots — “a platoon of raw recruits,” as they are described early in the DVD — carrying big guns through the woods. But there are bad guys stalking them, and one by one the members of the platoon all find themselves in strict bondage.

The first guy to be overpowered gets handcuffed, then put in a white mesh net sealed with plastic zip ties. Next, another guy gets roped standing spread eagle against a tree. Another finds himself knocked out, gagged with cloth, and then tied securely in a challenging hogtie. Soon four others get overpowered with guns, bound with zip ties and later tied up in various ways. One of them gets tied on his back with his legs up against a tree. Another is tied shirtless in a very severe stakeout on his back. Yet another shirtless guy is tied to a tree. They are all tortured for information about that missing chip. (Get it? They are looking for a chip, and Chip is also the name of the director.)

Later in the DVD, another shirtless guy gets strung up against a tree, then beaten and tortured. It’s the most realistic part of the movie. He’s got a bloody nose, and the look on the guy’s face shows real fear. Another intense part of the action centers around the staked out guy, the leader of the recruits, who is menaced with a knife and later cut with the blade. Yes, these guys play rough.

Included on this DVD are outtakes and bloopers, which were apparently not included in the original release on videotape. Some viewers, however, might find that this additional footage ruins part of the fantasy. (Who needs to see them actually make the sausage?) One thing is clear from watching the outtakes: directing a movie like this with so many characters and scenarios is a lot harder than it looks. It was quite an ambitious project.

There are a few apparent technical glitches in the movie. At the moment that many of the victims are taken, the sound cuts out and the action is shown in slow motion. Another minor complaint is that some of the punches have a “pro wrestling” quality to them, and you can tell pretty clearly that they are fake.

This DVD contains no sex or nudity, so if that is what you are after look elsewhere. But if you want to see a bunch of hot guys taken by force and tied up, you absolutely must get “Force Recon.” There is lots of gagging, great verbal abuse and simulated torture that gets intense in parts. Best of all, the prisoners are expertly and creatively tied. The captor who does the tying really knows his stuff. He ties a great rope hogtie, quickly and efficiently. And the ropes look great going over such muscular arms and bodies.

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